Animation Challenge 2018

Well done to all of the schools who took part in this. I received a lovely email from a  teacher yesterday who has given me permission to paste some of her comments here:

‘The children (and me!) have absolutely loved the project.  I’d rather finish the project well and send it to you at a later date than just do half a job.  I’ve learned so much about animation and will definitely be using it in future – It’s taken over every thinking minute of my day!  The children were a bit reticent at first because they were worried about getting it wrong but, now, I barely have to do any thinking – it’s great!  The rest of the class are dying to animate and my group can’t wait to show this to the rest of the school.  
Thankyou so much for introducing me to this – it’s been inspiring.’
The sentiment was very much echoed from the teachers who were here today where they were amazed what the children had learned and taken control of. We don’t animate for animation’s sake. The creative problem solving situations that it creates within a team environment develops skills that many other activities can’t get near.  Well done to everyone who took part and if your films are finished yet we want to see them when they are!

Here is the challenge, respond to it as suits you:

Don’t worry about getting complicated or making your animation really long. Think about the challenge and plan what you would be an ideal response. Then take that idea (after much discussion in groups) and plan out what is possible in the timeframe available. I spent some time learning new software because I had an idea in my head about how I wanted the challenge to look. Take that opportunity for yourselves on this challenge. Asking Google ‘How do I…?’ is a great way to learn things that you need to know and believe me, it is a skill that you will need for the rest of your life.

A good starting point is a big sheet of paper or whiteboards so that you can pour lots of ideas out of your heads in a space where everyone can see them. This allows proper group thinking about what to do next and I have never ever done this and not learned a new idea from someone else that I thought was great.

Putting all those ideas into a story plan is important. This sheet might help:

film planner

It allows the pupils to draw in what each scene might look like and what key words or phrases might need to accompany each shot. When I do this I have arrows and annotations all over them! The sheet I gave at the twilight will be added tomorrow because unfortunately I don’t have an electronic copy at home!


Day 2 and we have some images from a classroom coming in. Lockwood Y4 sent us a few pics and comments that reflect their thoughts and progress on day 1. I know there are lots of you doing the challenge judging by the hits on the page yesterday so let’s see where you are all up to!

And some great innovation by St Peters:

‘Archie and Jonty made a moving dolly from Knex to help them zoom out smoothly.’

Alongside some research for resources they could use:

‘Jonty and Archie looking for a background.  They needed to show the main character sneaking into the Boss’s room.  They decided to just find a creepy door and add some googly eyes. Archie image searched ‘black and white creepy door’!  Great thinking skills.’


These pupils are showing real GENIUS! look what they came up with yesterday to make their animation as interesting and interactive as possible:

‘Charlie decided to make an electrical circuit for the bulb in the ‘interrogation room’! Cross-curricular links rule!  While Archie’s idea for securing the prison cell door – was using rulers. Charlie moved the cell door frame by frame to show it moving.’

Back at Lockwood it looks like they have made lots of progress despite being at a Cricket competition most of yesterday!

While here at Inspire2Learn we have had a range of ages working in lots of very different ways. We should be screening them on here by the end of the day:

And here are the videos we have had in so far. It is really noticeable how differently each class has approached this. If you have been working on your animations but haven’t finished them please make sure you send them in, even if they take a bit longer to finish. This page is a showcase of their work.