The Creative Den is a place where work between Education and the Cultural Sector can be celebrated and disseminated. The idea is simple, the blog will be a constantly updated record of events that are happening in the Tees Valley between the two sectors. This may be something school or community group based or even focussed on a venue like a museum or gallery.

The format is taken from the success of Inspire2Learn’s website. That site’s primary focus is to showcase work done by children at the centre. We know that by doing so, the children build confidence and belief, two of the most important feelings that will help them be motivated to work hard and achieve the best that they can. The Creative Den will fulfil this purpose in the cultural space.

As more organisations and schools become aware we aim to update the blog on a nearly daily basis to celebrate and disseminate good practice in this area. If you are involved in any project or ongoing work please feel free to contact us to have your work showcased. We expect to hear from schools and cultural organisations.

The site also has a page where you can browse practitioners, organisations and events that you might to get involved with. Nothing is posted on this site without a recommendation from at least one school and some evidence to back it up.

Our events page will also highlight upcoming opportunities for interested parties to become involved in.

If you have any questions and would like to be involved please contact:


01642 467138