Ironstone Museum in Your Classroom

Priory Woods school in Middlesbrough worked closely with the Cleveland Mining Museum for their project. This is what they thought:
Everyone in our school loved being part of the Museum in Your Classroom Project. Our focus was on Cleveland Ironstone Mining as part of our Mighty Metals topic. We visited Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum as a starter to our project. Then we just had loads of fun and adventures exploring all sorts of things and visiting local places related to this. We then made a mini museum in our library that reflected all that we had learned. We had photographs, videos, puzzles, models, student composed music, stories and even food samples, to name but a few things. The students took great delight in working in the museum and showing our many visitors around. All in all, we loved it!’
It is interesting to see how different schools have used different museums to stimulate some really fantastic work that both celebrates what the children have learned but probably more importantly gives them the confidence that a sense of achievement creates. Well done everyone.

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