Animation first time around

IMG_8451What a busy week we are having here at the centre. We often have two or three events a week but 90 pupils Y3/5/6 from Brambles, Dormanstown and Thornaby Academies today all animating for the first time was definitely a challenge. As usual though, the aim is to give children wider experiences, not just the task in hand but also the experience of working effectively in a team, often up against a time limit. Never having animated before meant that we needed to get to grips with the app ‘Stop Motion’. It is pretty straightforward and we have used it as young as Reception very successfully but knowing the app is about 5% of animating. Getting a feel for the appropriate sized movements of objects, spacing of movement within a time frame, understanding of FPS and how to make characters interact realistically are all elements of the craft that you develop over many projects…not just a few hours! However, today’s introduction means that every child has left the building with a pretty good grasp of how to put animations together and even use iMovie to assemble multiple scenes. You can see from the pictures how important it was for the pupils to work effectively in teams, creating a shared vision and defining clear roles to accomplish it. I’ve also included the final pieces of work that they produced. As ever in life, some children got the hang of it quite quickly and you will see that some of the videos include a title and voice over. Others might not see to have got nearly as far but I can assure you that was often due to restarting several times to correct misunderstandings they had as their experience grew.

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